Thai Airways Dhaka Office

Thai Airways Dhaka Office

Thai Airways

Thai Airways International was established in 1960. It was formed as a joint venture with Scandinavian Airlines. Thai Airways Company created the joint venture. Its purpose was to establish an international component for Thai Airways Company’s domestic carrier. SAS provided training and operational management expertise. The goal was to create a national airline that could be fully autonomous in the shortest time possible.

The goal was to build a fully independent national airline in the shortest time possible. The airline began intercontinental flights using Douglas DC-8s in 1971 in Australia. The following year, a flight was made to Europe. In the late 1970s, several larger Douglas DC-10 wide-body Tri-Jets were purchased. In 1980, services to North America began.

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Overview of Thai Airways

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, trading under the name THAI is Thailand’s flag carrier airline. The airline was founded in 1988 and had its corporate headquarters on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road. Chatuchak District in Bangkok. The airline primarily operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Star Alliance is THAI’s founding member. The second-largest shareholder of Nok Air’s low-cost carrier, THAI, is Nok Air’s second. It launched a regional airline under its name with a 15.94 percent stake (2020). Thai Smile was established in 2012 by Airbus A320 aircraft.

Thai Airways Ticket Office

Thai operates from Suvarnabhumi Airport, its central hub, and Phuket International Airport as its secondary hub. The airline and its subsidiaries fly more than 101 destinations to 37 countries. A fleet of 95 aircraft is used, which includes wide-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. Thai Smile, a subsidiary, operates narrow-body airliners. Near Seoul, Incheon International Airport was used for services between Bangkok to Los Angeles as of 2013. It ceased service to the US in October 2015. The airline’s leading route network in Thailand is comprised of flights to Europe, East Asia, and South/Southwest Asia.


THAI Airways flies from Ahmedabad to 78 locations. Also, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Chengdu and Changsha. Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are domestic destinations.

The Launch of Thai Smile

As part of THAI’s broader growth strategy in the region, Thai Smile is a new regional carrier offering light-premium services. It operates the Airbus A320-200 narrow-bodied aircraft on both domestic and regional routes. In July 2012, the new airline started commercial operations. The first A320s were delivered to the airline. Thai Smile now flies to 31 destinations with a fleet of 20 aircraft, with Chiang Mai International Airport as its central city.

Thai Smile, Thai Smile’s subsidiary, announced new services to Gaya in September 2016. The expansion of Thai’s Asian network was furthered by the addition of flight Varanasi and Jaipur in India and Lucknow in India. The Kota Kinabalu and Luang Prabang, Mandalay. Contact our ticketing and sales team for the best and cheapest air tickets. The airline is also considering launching new services to Hangzhou or Zhengzhou.

Thai Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

All passengers receive a free allowance for checked baggage. Thai Airways flights are dependent on the baggage weight and dimensions, as well as the cabin class.

These allowances correspond to the checked baggage policy based on weight for travel within Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and between Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Royal first-class passengers may check-in up to 50kg of baggage
  • Passengers in the Royal silk and Premium economy classes can check-in 40kg of luggage
  • Economy class passengers can check-in 30 kilograms of baggage.
  • Children under two years old, without a seat, can check in 10kg baggage.
  • Additional weight is allowed to Star Alliance, Royal Orchid, and other clubs members. Visit this site for more information.

Thai Airways Extra Baggage Charges

  • International travel on Thai Airways flights is possible using the weight concept per zone.
  • Trip from India to Thailand will cost USD 15 per kilogram. Additional baggage fees are detailed in the link.

Online Excess Baggage Purchase

Additional baggage allowance can be purchased online. You can buy Extra Baggage Allowance online:

  • It is non-refundable, non-endorsable and non-transferable
  • Only available for THAI-operated flight when the Weight Concept is in effect and up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Group bookings, standby passengers, and infants are not available.
  • Allowable up to 50kg per passenger in increments of 5 kg
  • Only one per sector and passenger is allowed.

Baggage Service

The airline will make every effort to return any delayed baggage within 24 hours. To begin tracking the luggage, passengers in such a situation should write to Thai Airlines. Contact our ticketing and sales department if you are looking for the best and cheapest air tickets. Thai will reimburse minor expenses incurred by the passenger as a result of the situation. To do this, the passenger must keep all receipts and invoices and send a request to the airline for restitution.

Thai Airways will reimburse the cost of lost baggage to the passenger. If the luggage is damaged, the owner must inform Thai Airways via a formal letter. The compensation claim should be made to the airline. This must be done within seven days of receiving the baggage.


Knowing Thai Airways’ baggage policies for checked and carry-on luggage before you travel will allow you to pack smartly and avoid any unexpected fees at the airport. While it is best to contact Thai Airways directly to determine your allowances, some policies and prices can help you budget and plan your trip.

Your Cabin Baggage

Passengers who lift heavy or bulky baggage to store in an overhead locker can experience muscle pains and muscle aches. Overweight/overweight baggage can fall on passengers or cause injury during turbulence. It may also cause obstructions to emergency exit routes or pose a danger in an emergency. To ensure safety, each passenger is permitted to carry one bag, not exceeding 7 kg or 45 inches (around 112 cm), and it must be appropriately stored in an overhead bin.

Measure Restricted: liquid, aerosol, and gel

  • Containers larger than 100ml cannot contain liquids. Even if only a portion of the container is complete, they will not be accepted.
  • Containers should be placed in transparent, resealable plastic bags with a maximum weight of one litter.
  • At the screening point, the plastic bag must be shown for inspection.
  • Per passenger, only one transparent, the resealable plastic bag may be allowed
  • There may be exemptions for specific medications, baby milk/foods, and passengers with special dietary needs.
  • At the screening point, you must bring your plastic bag separately from any other cabin baggage.
  • All items purchased at airport duty-free shops and onboard aircraft have to be sealed in plastic bags. Passengers may need to show proof of purchase.

Thai Airways Tickets

Traveler Planets

Satmasjid Super Market, 2nd Floor, Suit NO:314

Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka-1207


Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951

Royal First Class (First Class)

Thai Royal First Class seats manufactured by B/E Aerospace. These seats were introduced with the Airbus A340-600’s arrival. These seats were also available for select Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The Royal First Class seats are now available in either a suit or an enclosure configuration. Since 2012, Thai Airways has provided A380-800 and selected Boeing 747-400 aircraft with Royal First Class seating. Contact us for a cheap Thai Airways ticket.

Royal Silk Class (Business Class)

All Thai aircraft have Thai Royal Silk Class seats. These seats are angled shell designs and have 150 to 160 cm (58-62 in) and a width between 51 and 55 cm (20-21). Royal Silk seats on Boeing 777-3000ERs were sold before refurbishment as premium economy seats. They are available on flights to Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. A new set of Royal Silk seats is available in THAI. Thai Airbus A380-800s and Boeing 777-300ERs are available, and Boeing 787-8s and Airbus A350 900s. The Zodiac Cirrus and Reverse Herringbone seats have been added to the aircraft after delivery.

Economy Class

Thai’s Economy Class has a seat pitch of between 81 cm and 86 cm (33.2 in and 34 in), depending on the aircraft type. Personal screens with AVOD on the Airbus A330-300 and A350-900 are available.


Thai Airways has signed a sponsorship deal with the English Football League. Thai Airways will now have an in-stadia and digital presence at all events due to the new agreement. The EFL Finals are held at Wembley Stadium during 2017/18. Thai Airways has been granted a one-year extension to its partnership as of 2020. Thai Airways has also signed a sponsorship deal with Australian Rugby. The Australian A-League soccer team Western Sydney Wanderers and Team Melbourne Rebels are both sponsored by Thai Airways.

Frequent Flyer Program

To reward frequent passengers, THAI Airways has a regular flyer program called Royal Orchid Plus. Royal Orchid Plus, THAI’s customer loyalty program, offers members. Star Alliance partners around the globe offer the opportunity to earn miles while flying. You can then redeem your miles for air awards or upgraded travel with THAI Star Alliance partners. Members who are frequent flyers and have Silver, Gold, or Platinum status receive various benefits and priority services.

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