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Scoot Air

Singapore Airlines announced on 25 May 2011 that it would create a low-cost subsidiary airline to serve medium- and long-haul routes. Singapore Airlines named Campbell Wilson the founder CEO of the airline on 18 July 2011. Scoot Airlines was officially named on 1 November 2011 as “Scoot.” Scoot’s first flight took place from Singapore to Sydney Airport in Australia. Scoot began flying to Gold Coast on 12 June 2012. Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, announced on 24 October 2012 that the 20 Dreamliners ordered by the company would be transferred to Scoot.

This was to replace the existing Singapore Airlines fleets of Boeing 777-220 aircraft. It also helps with the airline’s expansion. Scoot Airlines started to think about having a mixed fleet with different Boeing 787, rather than an all-Boeing 787-9 fleet. Scoot announced that passengers would now purchase “Interline” tickets from Tigerair on 26 October 2012. Scoot Airlines also announced that it would deliver a fifth Boeing 777-220 by the end of May or early June 2013 to increase its fleet and add at least two to three routes to the network.

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Traveler Planets

Satmasjid Super Market, 2nd Floor, Suit NO:314

Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka-1207


Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951

Overview of Scoot Air

Scoot, the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines Group’s Singapore-based Scoot, is headquartered in Singapore. Scoot was launched in June 2012 and merged in July 2017 with Tigerair Singapore. Scoot’s brand was retained by the combined airline, and it is well-positioned to continue its growth. Scoot Airlines has a fleet that includes a mix of Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A320 family planes and a network that covers more than 60 destinations in 17 countries and territories. Scoot Airlines offers a modern, safe, reliable, and affordable travel experience with a unique attitude, Scootitude.

Scoot Airlines Ticket Office

Scoot Airlines offers Economy Class seats with more legroom and a Scoot in-Silence quiet zone for Dreamliner flights. ScootPlus, which is available on Dreamliner flights, provides an enhanced flying experience. It features leather seats with double legroom and adjustable headrests and leg rests, plus extra baggage allowance. Scoot offers many amenities, including Wi-Fi connectivity in-flight, in-seat power for Dreamliner flights, and Scoot-in Style lounge access. You can also redeem and accumulate Singapore Airlines Group KrisFlyer points. The airline is a member of the Value Alliance network, a pan-regional low-cost carrier alliance.


Destination of Scoot Air

Singapore Airlines owns Scoot Airlines, a low-cost carrier that operates in Singapore. In 2012, it launched medium- and long-haul flights from Singapore. Contact our Dhaka ticketing and sales office if you are looking for a low-cost flight ticket. After their merger, Scoot Airlines started operating Tigerair’s routes on 25 July 2017. List of Scoot destinations The following destinations are planned.

Baggage Allowance

Maximum 40kg (88.2lbs) minimum 15kg (33lbs) maximum 40kg (33lbs). Your baggage allowance will vary depending on the type of airfare you purchased. You will be allowed the maximum allowance.

  • Fly fare and Fly-Promo fares don’t include baggage allowance. However, you can purchase a minimum 15kg (33lbs) allowance or up to 40kg (88.1lbs) for an additional charge.
  • FlyBagEat and FlyBagEat fares offer a complimentary baggage allowance of up to 15kg (33 lbs).
  • ScootPlus fare includes a complimentary baggage allowance of up to 20kg (44.1lbs).

Economy Fares:

All passengers (adults and children) seated in their seats can carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage. One (1) small bag/briefcase may be carried on baggage/cabin baggage. It must not exceed 54cm (21.3in.). 38cm (15in.). x 38cm (15in.) Total linear dimensions are 115cm/45.3in. You may also bring one of these personal items into the cabin in addition to your carry-on baggage allowance:

  • A handbag, purse, wallet, laptop, or pocketbook (of reasonable size).
  • A pair of crutches may be used for guests who are dependent on crutches or other prosthetic devices for mobility.

ScootPlus Fares

All guests can carry up to 15kg (33 lbs.) You can bring up to 15kg (33lbs) of cabin baggage with you. Two pieces may be carried on baggage/cabin baggage (e.g., Small bag or briefcase that does not exceed 54cm (21.3in.). 38cm (15in.). x 38cm (15in.) (total linear dimensions 115cm/45.3in. Each piece.

Excess Baggage

Check-in fees for excess baggage are applicable. Payment can be made with cash or credit card, but you will need to pay at the counter. Scoot Airlines can’t guarantee the carriage of excess baggage. Uplifts are at Scoot’s sole discretion and subject to aircraft loads. For flights shorter than 5 hours, excess baggage will be charged $20SGD (or a portion thereof) and $25SGD (or 2.2 lbs) for each 1kg (2.2 kg) that exceeds your baggage allowance. For flights longer than 5 hours, the charge is $25SGD (or 2.2 lbs).

Extra Cabin Bag

Pre-purchase of an additional 7 kg cabin baggage allowance in addition to the 10kg standard allowance is possible.

Oversize & Fragile Items

You can check in over-sized baggage provided they do not exceed 32kg and have a total length of 158cm.

Scoot Airlines Special Baggage & Restricted Baggage

You can check-in sports gear, infant equipment, or musical instruments as part of your checked luggage allowance. However, space restrictions and space availability may apply. Checked baggage that is not standard will be allowed.

Scoot Air Ticket Booking

Traveler Planets

Satmasjid Super Market, 2nd Floor, Suit NO:314

Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka-1207


Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951


The bulkhead seat is very spacious, but there’s a kink in its aisle, which means that you could get in the way. I use 4D on my way back, and it is excellent, full stretch, with no kicks! The economy pitch measures between 34 and 36 inches in width, while 18 inches is the maximum.


I understand the needs of fathers who travel with children. Scoot’s child-free cabin is excellent for solo travelers. The best thing about traveling with kids is traveling without children. The 33-seat place is quieter than I would have expected if I took a walk down to the tail end. Scoot Airlines Silence crew seems eager to catch some kid-free zeds on this overnighter.


Scoot has five new movie options, plus some good Hollywood options. TV is less exciting, but I don’t mind as I don’t let the snoozing peeps get me. I choose to sleep instead. The inflight mag is also available.


My pre-ordered meal arrives very quickly, and that is my only interaction with the flight crew. Customers nearby seem to receive prompt, polite attention whenever they are needed.


After living in Singapore for several years, my favorite national dish, chicken rice, sends me back to the hawker stalls in Lion City. The rich chicken broth gives the rice and chicken a soft, moist texture. The dessert comes with a creamy potato salad and a chocolate-filled dessert.

Scoot Airlines Online Booking 

You can pre-book online at any time, either after you have made your booking or when you are making it. You can purchase/upgrade your checked baggage allowance up to four hours before your scheduled departure time through My Bookings, Air Asia Mobile App, or AVA. Could you find out how it works by clicking here?

  • It’s always cheaper to pre-book checked baggage.
  • It is not refundable once baggage weight has been purchased.

At the Airport 

You can still buy your baggage at the airport (Airport Baggage), even if you haven’t pre-booked it. However, the checked baggage allowance per person / per route will be restricted to 15kg (20kg for guests flying with Air Asia India Code:i5 ).


The Boeing 787-8 and Boeing 787-9 have 314 and 334 Economy seats, respectively. They are arranged in a 3-3-2 configuration.[65]Standard Economy seats in plain dark blue have an 18-inch width and a 31-inch pitch. TheSuper SeatsOnly is available on 787-9 aircraft. These seats have a similar width to standard seats, 18 inches, and a 34-to 36-inch seat pitch. S-T–R-E–T-C–H seats are bulkhead and exit row seats. They are also dark in color. They have 34- to 36-inch seat pitches. Super SeatsThese is a bulkhead and exit-row seats.

Business Class

Scoot’s Business Class tickets are known as ScootPlus and offer comfortable leather seats with double the legroom. They also include a premium metal with a choice beverage (includes alcoholic beverages), priority check-in and boarding, and in-seat power port access. ScootPlus customers can also enjoy 30MB of free WiFi to stream movies or TV shows. ScootPlus seats aboard Boeing 787 aircraft offer at least 38 inches of legroom and 22 inches of seat width. They also have a maximum 6-inch recline and fully adjustable headrests.



Scoot Airlines Check In

Airport Check-In

Scoot Airlines check-in counters are open three hours before departures on B787 aircraft and two hours 30 minutes before flights on A320 aircraft. All flights have a 60-minute check-in time. To complete check-in, all passengers should arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before departure.



Self-Service Kiosks

Scoot Airlines offers self-check-in kiosks at Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore) and Melbourne Airport (Melbourne). The stalls in Singapore can be used from 18 hours to 70 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Self-service is available starting at 3 hours and ending at 65 minutes before departures from Melbourne Airport.

Scoot Airlines Ticket Sales Office Dhaka

Online Check-In

Scoot’s online check-in is currently only available for flights departing from Singapore, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Seoul, Japan, and Berlin. Passengers departing from these destinations cannot check-in online if they are continuing onto a second destination via connecting flights. Scoot’s online check-in opens 75 hours prior to flight departure and closes 1 hour before scheduled departure. Online check-in is only available for individual or group travelers (including travel agent bookings), guests with only carry-on or check-in baggage, and bookings made through traveler

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