Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office

About Maldivian Airlines

Island Aviation Services Limited was established by the Government of Maldivian Airlines under a Presidential Decree on 23 April 2009. The Government of Maldives owns 100 percent of the limited liability company. Three aircraft were used to launch the airline’s operations. The airline operated only within the Maldives with two aircraft: a Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 and a Dornier 228. The airline began international flights in January 2008, with scheduled flights to Thiruvananthapuram (India).

Maldivian was established as a Maldivian Airlines division within Island Aviation Services on 25 August 2008. Flight Q27100 was a Viking Air De Havilland DHC-6200 aircraft registered as 8Q-IAG. It suffered an accident on three take-off attempts from Nature’s Paradise Island, at 0926 hours, 16 November 2017. The aircraft was carrying 12 passengers and three crew members, bound for Velana International Airport. The aircraft sustained significant damage.

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Satmasjid Super Market 2nd Floor, Suit NO:14

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Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951

Overview of Maldivian Airlines

Maldivian Airlines was first to enter service with two Convair 44 aircraft bought from Caribbean United Airlines. They were dubbed “Flying Fish I”, (8Q-AM101), and “Flying Fish II”. Hulhule Airport was the first Air Maldives plane to land on October 9, 1974. Six daily scheduled flights were operated between Male’s and Colombo, with maintenance being done on the seventh day. Domestic service was also established, with a twice-weekly flight between Males and Gan. The airline also appointed travel agents in Colombo and Air Ceylon to handle airport handling.

Maldivian Airlines ticket office

This allowed it to reduce its ground staffing needs. Tri-9 Corporation, a Singapore-based firm, acquired 49% of the airline’s shares in 1976 and assumed control of its operation and management on the 1st of June. After the Royal Air Force’s withdrawal from the island’s airbase, the Maldivian Airlines stopped flying to Gan. The two aircraft that Tri-9 owned were in very bad shape when it took control. They were then ferried to Seletar for repair. One of the aircraft was beyond repair so it was kept at Seletar until it was finally broken up.

Business Service

Maldivian has a fleet of 6 Airbus A321 (6 Business Class, 194 Economy Class Seats), and 8 Dash8-300 series (50 seats). 1 Airbus A320 (14 Business Class, 138 Economy Class Seats), 2 Dash8200 series (37 seats), 8 Dash8300 series (50 seats), and 11 DHC-6. The aircraft connects the capital city Male’ to Velana International Airport (Haa Alifu), Hanimaadhoo International Airport(Haa Dhaalu Atoll). Kulhuduffushi Airport, Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Funadhoo Airport, Shaviyani Atoll. If Airport, Raa Atoll (Maafaru International Airport), Ifuru Airport Dharavandhoo Airport, Baa Atoll, Kudahuvadhoo Airport, Dhaalu Atoll. Thimarafushi Airport, Thaa Atoll, Koodoo Airport(Gaafu Alifu Atoll). Kaadedhdhoo Airport, Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll Maavarulu Airport, Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll, Kadhoo Airport, Laamu Atoll. Fuvahmulak Airport, Gan International Airport (Addu Atoll), and Fuvahmulak Airport, Fuviyani Atoll. It also flies every day to Thiruvananthapuram in India.

Maldivian Airlines Baggage

Carry-On Baggage

The maximum carry-on baggage allowance for Dash 08 aircraft is 5kg. Airbus 320/321 aircraft have a maximum carry-on baggage weight limit of 7kg. This is in addition to not exceeding 20″ x 12″, x 7, and 20″ x 15″, x 9.

Checked Baggage

The maximum allowed checked baggage weight per passenger for domestic destinations is 20kg. The maximum allowed checked baggage weight per passenger for Chennai (India), Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Bangkok (Thailand) is 30kg. Excess baggage fees will apply to baggage exceeding the allowed weight. Excess baggage can be purchased by passengers booking with Alternative Airlines.

Damaged Baggage 

You must immediately report any damage to your checked baggage at the airport. Maldivian Ground Staff will inspect the bag and advise you if it can be repaired.


Who you should contact:

  • Please contact our ground staff immediately if you’re still at the airport
  • If the damage was not reported by the arrival terminal, a courtesy report can be prepared. Island Aviation Services will not be responsible for any damages that are reported after the departure terminal.

What information you will need to provide:

  • Contact information
  • Details about baggage and flight tags
  • Description/Evidence for the damage

Maldivian Ground Operation, on behalf of the Airline, will close any case relating to PIR if the passenger doesn’t respond within 7 days. Contact our Dhaka cheap ticketing and sales office for any information. To inform our traveler planets, you must best air ticket. Maldivian Baggage Services should receive all claims relating to damaged baggage within 7 days.

Additional baggage information

Minor Damages

Maldivians cannot accept responsibility for baggage damage due to wear and tear. This includes:

  • Minor cuts, scratches, and scuffs.
  • Wheels, feet, or extendable handles are at risk of being damaged
  • Fragile or perishable items are at risk
  • Over-packed bags can cause damage
  • Leakage of any contents in the baggage can cause damage
  • External locks pulled straps, security buckles, or zipper tabs are lost
  • Baggage will be accepted according to the Limited Release Tag (LRT).
  • Airport security or airport authorities confiscate items

Maldivian Airlines Insurance

It is best to claim your Travel Insurance if you have bought a travel insurance policy for your recent travel. These policies almost always offer higher levels of coverage. We are the best travel agency to help you get around any country. The applicable Montreal or Warsaw Conventions, as amended from time to time, limit the airline’s liability. Island Aviation is exempted from this limitation.


These items should not be included in checked baggage by passengers:

  • Perishable and fragile items
  • Valuables
  • Personal electronic devices and computers
  • Stored data
  • Camera
  • Any medication or medical equipment
  • Documents of value, such as business documents and passports, certificates, identification documents, and negotiable paper, are all important.

Limited Release Baggage Tag

Maldivians will accept fragile and perishable baggage after completing a Limited Release Baggage Tag. As a Limited Release Baggage, baggage with pre-existing damages will also be accepted. The airline is exempted from liability for baggage that has pre-existing damage or is unsuitable for transport by the Limited Release Baggage Tag.

Maldivian Airlines Tickets

Traveler Planets

Satmasjid Super Market 2nd Floor, Suit NO:14

Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka-1207


Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951

Maldivian AirlinesMeals Option

Maldivian offers food and beverages onboard their flights. For Economy Class passengers, complimentary snacks are provided. Passengers flying in Business Class receive snacks upon their arrival, as well as a meal that includes a starter and main course.

Continental Special Dietary Requirements

Maldivian Airlines can help you with your dietary requirements.

Continental Drinks & Alcohol

Passengers in Economy Class receive complimentary refreshments on board. Business Class passengers receive a complimentary welcome juice on arrival. An additional glass of wine is offered with the main meal.

Maldivian Airlines Airport Check-In

Maldivian Airlines Check In

Airport check-in opens two hours prior to departure time for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. All check-in counters close an hour before departure.

City Check-In

City check-in is available in Male’ – Greater Male’ Bus Terminal. It opens four hours prior to departure time and closes 90 minutes before departure.

What are our baggage liability limitations?

Island Aviation Services Limited is exempted from liability if the passenger or baggage exceeds the declared value. Payments have been made for any additional charges.

Maldivian Airlines Flights!

Founded in 2000, Maldivian is an airline headquartered in Male, Maldives. It is the national airline of Maldives. With a fleet of 23 aircraft, Maldivian flights fly to 23 destinations including domestic and international. The airline’s main hub is at Velana International Airport. Maldivian’s parent company is Island Aviation Services (state-owned Maldivian Government). Passengers can buy Maldivian tickets to fly to destinations in Maldives, India, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand.


Business-class consists of 6 (in our Airbus A321) and 14 (in our Airbus A320), which provide ample space and reclining comfort for your flight. A refreshing welcome juice and snack are served to the passenger. Then, there are options for starters. There are many options for main meals, which are presented on linen and cutlery. The in-flight entertainment will ensure that you have a pleasant flight.

The resorts

All Maldivian resorts can be found on their islands. They range in size from just 250m to 2.5km across. You will only have access to the facilities at the resort you choose (bars, restaurants, sports facilities, entertainment, etc.) during your stay. Many resorts allow you to take a boat trip to nearby fishing villages islands or the capital Male. However, you will only be able to stay on the resort island the entire time. There are 106 resorts to choose from. They range from budget-friendly to luxurious. You might consider staying at one of the 5 Guesthouses in the Maldives, which offer rooms at very affordable rates.

When do check-in counters open and close?

Check-in is open for domestic flights2 hours check-in is required before departure.3 hours before you leave. Close to the check-in counters1 hour before the flight is scheduled to depart.

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Maldivian Airlines Ticket Office Dhaka
Maldivian Airlines

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