Kuwait Airways Dhaka Office

Kuwait Airways Dhaka Office

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is the country’s national carrier. Its head office is located at Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait International Airport. It provides scheduled international services to the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and the Indian subcontinent from Kuwait International. Kuwait Airways is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Based at Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait, Kuwait Airways flies to 34 destinations worldwide, including North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Overview of Kuwait Airways

Kuwait National Airways’ history dates back to 1953 when Kuwaiti businesspeople formed Kuwait National Airways. At first, the government held a 50% stake. In 2005, British International Airlines, a BOAC affiliate in Kuwait, signed a five-year management agreement with British International Airlines. This subsidiary provided maintenance and charter services. The operation began on 16 March 1954 with the purchase of two Dakotas. In its first year, the carrier carried 8,966 passengers. Kuwait Airways was established in July 1955. A new management contract and operation agreement was signed with BOAC in

Kuwait Airways Ticket Office

May 1958. Kuwait Airways took over BIA in April 1959. 210 Kuwait Airways was the first foreign customer to order the Trident. Two aircraft of the type were purchased, and there was an option for a third. The deal included a Comet 4C and was valued at PS5.5million. The carrier also had a PS3 million order for three BAC One-Elevens. There was an option for a fourth. Although the airline received the first Comet in January 1963, operations with Comets had already begun in July 1963 using an aircraft under lease from MEA.225 A second Comet was ordered in August 1963.



Kuwait Airways has 51 international destinations, including 24 in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, from its hub at Kuwait International Airport. As of June 2015, our Dhaka ticketing and sales office can help you get a cheap flight ticket. This link will take you to another destination.

Kuwait Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Kuwait Airways offers a free checked baggage allowance for all flights. This allowance is dependent on the baggage’s weight and dimensions, as well as the cabin class.

  • You can only check-in three bags of 32kg each if you travel by royal class. Maximum dimension 300 cm
  • Two loads up to 32kg are permitted for business and first-class passengers. Maximum dimensions – 158 cm
  • Two bags each of 23kg are allowed for economy class travelers.
  • You can bring 10 kilograms of luggage if you’re traveling with an infant. Maximum dimension: 158 cm

Kuwait Airways Extra Baggage Charges

Kuwait Airlines charges KWD 45 for an additional bag. You would need to pay KWD 65 for a second bag. KWD 85 would apply to other backpacks that exceed three. The additional charges can be paid at check-in in local currency according to the exchange rates.

Kuwait Airways baggage rules

Prescription medicines and infant food can be carried in reasonable quantities. This is taking into consideration the possibility of flight delays. You will need to provide official proof if you are requesting prescription medication.


Pre-paid Excess Baggage:

  • If the Pre-paid Excess Baggage fees are higher than the original fees, then the difference must be paid.
  • No additional fee will be charged if there is no difference between the actual fees and the Pre-paid Excess Baggage Fees.
  • The Pre-paid Excess Baggage fees will be honored if they are less than the original fees.
  • If the aircraft’s characteristic does not allow for additional baggage, the passenger can request a refund or use the fee on Kuwait Airways flights within one year of the date of the Pre-paid Excess Baggage service.

Forbidden objects in your checked luggage with Kuwait Airways

The list of forbidden items inside your checked luggage is less restrictive than inside your hand luggage with Kuwait Airways. Indeed, you will not have access to your checked luggage during the flight because it will be transport inside the cargo compartment. There is possibility to transport the forbidden objects in your hand luggage, inside your checked luggage. But for some of them, you need to have autorisation as for the firearms or ammunition. It have also to be packed in a secured container.

Forbidden items in your hand luggage with Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways prohibits certain items from being carried on in carry-on luggage. If you don’t wish to lose your items, the following rules apply. All containers must be sealed in a zipper-top plastic bag. These containers cannot exceed 1 liter. The aircraft is strictly forbidden from carrying any explosives or flammable materials (lighter, mines and firework, ammunition). Hand luggage is prohibited from explosives or flammable substances.

Some countries, such as Australia, have strict import policies. These countries prohibit importing food, vegetables, or fruit to stop disease and damage the environment. Before you fly, make sure to check the TSA website and airline websites regularly, as regulations are constantly changing. Security staff can refuse entry to aircraft to passengers who bring prohibited items in their hand luggage. You should be aware of all rules regarding hand luggage if you wish to travel comfortably.


Kuwait Airways Tickets

Traveler Planets

Satmasjid Super Market, 2nd Floor, Suit NO:314

Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka-1207

Email: travelerplanetsbd@gmail.com

Call for Air Ticket: 01810-19894901810-19895001810-198951

Baggage Drop Off at The Airport

You can travel without luggage and web check-in to move straight towards security. If you are carrying bags, you must arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before departure. After weighing and tagging your luggage at Kuwait Airways, you can proceed to security.


Kuwait Airways Check In

Online check-in is an extended service provided to the passenger to enable check-in through the WEB from most of the stations operated by Kuwait Airways. You may check in for a flight if you have a valid confirmed e-ticketed booking and the check-in is performed between 24 and 3 hours prior to departure of the flight.Offered by just about every major airline, online check-in allows you to check in for your flight in advance from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room.

You typically need to provide your name and booking confirmation number, though sometimes you can also check in with a frequent flyer or credit card number. (Note: If you booked your flight through a third-party airfare booking site such as Expedia or CheapOair rather than directly with the airline, make sure you use the airline’s reservation code.

Kuwait Airways Online Reservation

Web Check-in?

Web check-in services are provided to passengers for their convenience. Kuwait Airways web check-in helps you save a lot of time. By availing this service, you can avoid the long queues at the airport. Kuwait Airways allows its customers to do webcheck-in until 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. You can select your seat, pre-book on-flight meals, and purchase other additional amenities while doing check-in online. Also, you can print your boarding pass at your convenience once you receive it on your registered email/phone number.



Kuwait Airways meals are included with your airline ticket. Kuwait Airways offers a variety of special meals. All meals are Halal certified and served on board.


Although the airline does not specify the time required to order a special meal, it is highly recommended that you place your request at least 48 hours before departure. You can book the following meals:

Infant Meal and Baby Meal are available in the following formats: Hindu, Jain Meal; Baby Meal; Child Meal; Low-Calorie Meal; Low Fat Meal. Low Gluten Meal. Non-Lactose Meal. Sea Food Meal. Vegetarian Meal with Lacto Ovo, Vegetarian Meal Non-Dairy.


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